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JFE Everhard 400

EVERHARD Guarantees low temperature toughness of −40°C (−40°F)

Nickel Alloy Sheets

Materials Designed to provide unique strength and/or corrosion properties at elevated temperatures

Carbon Steel Pipes API

Carbon Steel Pipes API HIC / Non HIC Sour / Non Sour Wet H2S Service


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Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes

MIP LTD Stocks stainless steel Seamless pipe per ASTM A 312 in 304/304L and 316/316L. We supply other stainless grades, including 304H, 316H, 309/S, 310/S, 317/L, 321/H, 347/H, 904L, 330, 254SMO, 410. In duplex grades, we can supply 2205 and 2507. Some nickel grades are also supplied.

We supply a full range of pipe schedules ranging from Sch 5 thru Double Extra Heavy. Most products are available in 20′ random length sections, but MIP Ltd can supply stainless steel seamless pipe in most stainless grades in sections exceeding 40′. All stainless steel seamless pipes can be cut to your exact requirements. Some made to order items can be produced in 2-3 weeks.

Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes (Chrome-Molybednum) ASTM A335 Grade P11 / 12 / 22 / 5 / 9 / 91

ASTM A335 Pipe (ASME S/A335, Chorme-Moly) is a seamless ferritic Alloy-Steel Pipe for high temperature service. Pipe ordered to this specification shall be suitable for bending, flanging (vanstoning), and similar forming operations, and for fusion welding.  Sometimes referred to as “P Grade”, chome moly pipe is popular in P-Grades P5, P9, P11, P22, and P91.  The most common use of grades P11, P22, and P91 is in the power industry and petro-chemical plants,  Grades P5 and P9 are commonly used  in refineries.

A335 is often called chrome moly pipe because of the chemical makeup of Molybdenum (Mo) and Chromium (Cr). Molybdenum increases the strength of steel as well as the elastic limit, resistance to wear, impact qualities, and hardenability.  Moly increases the resistance to softening, restrains grain growth and makes chromium steel less susceptible to embrittlement.  Moly is the most effective single additive that increases high temperature creep strength.  It also enhances the corrosion resistance of steel, and inhibits pitting.  Chromium (or chrome) is the essential constituent of stainless steel.  Any steel with 12% or more Chrome is considered stainless.  Chrome is virtually irreplaceable in resisting oxidation at elevated temperatures. Chrome raises the tensile, yield, and hardness at room temperatures.  The composition chrome moly alloy steel pipe make it ideal for use in power plants, refineries, petro chemical plants, and oil field services where fluids and gases are transported at extremely high temperatures and pressures.

JFE EVERHARD™ Abrasion-Resistant Steel Plate

– EVERHARD™, Reliable Forever –

EVERHARD is available in 6 grades of the Standard Series and 3 grades of the High Toughness Series, which guarantees low temperature toughness of −40°C (−40°F) and also considers internal hardness. With the addition of the super abrasion-resistant grade EVERHARD-SP to these two series, the EVERHARD product line includes a total of 10 grades. The target value (average value) of Brinell surface hardness is used in the numerical figures in the grade names so that customers can easily understand the properties of each grade. By specifying narrow ranges of Brinell hardness, consideration is given to reducing variations in formability in customers’ manufacturing processes.

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